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Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic insulators

Mar 26, 2021

It has good chemical stability and thermal stability, hardly deteriorates due to aging, and has good electrical and mechanical properties. There have been new varieties of umbrellas such as large diameter, large tonnage of L00~400KN, ordinary type and bell jar type umbrellas. But in general, the number of porcelain insulator manufacturers has basically not increased in recent years, but has decreased through integration and reorganization in the same fierce market competition. Tempered glass insulators have the characteristics of zero-value self-breaking and easy to detect. In actual use, they can fully exhibit good performance advantages and perform good functions and functions. Tempered glass insulators have the characteristics of zero-value self-breaking. As long as the observation is on the ground or on a helicopter, there is no need to climb the poles to detect piece by piece, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Product structure and stain resistance are the key. The glass insulator adopts a cylindrical head structure, and the load-bearing components are evenly stressed. Compared with traditional domestic porcelain insulators, the tapered head structure, which has been consistently manufactured for decades, has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high strength and excellent electrical performance.

Since the linear expansion coefficient of glass is much larger than that of porcelain, the outer dimension is much smaller than that of composite insulating materials, and it is easily connected with metal accessories and cement, so the material of the stressed components is well matched. Under various climatic conditions, it will not be as easy to produce dangerous stress and cause aging as porcelain insulators and composite insulators. And

It is difficult to solve the structural quality of the composite interface.

Ceramic insulator models: X-3, X-3C, X-4, 5. XP-70, XP-70C, XP-100, XP-120, XP-160, XP-210, XP-240, XP-300, XWP-4.5, XWP-70, XWP-100, XWP-120, XWP- 160, XWP-210, XWP-240, XWP-300, pin type porcelain bottle PD-1, PD-2, PD-3, P-6, P-10, P-15, PS-20, PS-15, PQ-20, P-20C.