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Advantages of glass insulators

Dec 15, 2020

Advantages of glass insulators

1. Compared with porcelain, it has a high dielectric strength.

2. Its resistivity is also very high.

3. It has a low thermal expansion coefficient.

4. Compared with porcelain insulators, it has higher tensile strength.

5. Since it is transparent, it will not heat up in the sun like porcelain.

6. Due to its transparency, impurities and bubbles can be easily detected inside the glass insulator.

7. Glass has a very long service life, because the mechanical and electrical properties of glass are not affected by aging.

8. After all, glass is cheaper than porcelain.

Although glass insulators have so many advantages, they are not without disadvantages.

Disadvantages of glass insulators

1. Moisture is easy to condense on the glass surface, so air dust will be deposited on the wedge-shaped glass surface, which will provide a path for the leakage current of the system.

2. For higher voltages, glass cannot be cast into irregular shapes, because the internal cooling causes internal strain due to irregular cooling.