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Classification of composite insulators

Dec 12, 2018

(1) Clamp electric power fittings: Bolt type tensile clamp: The friction is caused by the vertical pressure of the U-shaped screw and the wavy groove of the clamp to fix the wire.

(2) Protective composite insulators: anti-vibration hammers, guard wires, damper wires for protection wires, vibration of overhead ground wires; spacer bars for suppressing secondary gear vibration; shielding rings for protecting corona strings from insulator strings and For pressure equalization ring, etc., when hydraulic pressure is applied, the steel die of the corresponding specification is applied to compress by hydraulic press. When the explosion pressure is used, the crimping force and the secondary explosion pressure may be used to press the clamp and the wire (overhead ground wire) into one. A whole.

(3) Pulling wire power fittings: The gold used to adjust and stabilize the tower tower wire has: adjustable UT type clamps; steel wire clamps, and double pull wire plates, etc.

(4) Connecting composite insulators: The connecting fittings are the fittings used to connect the insulator strings to the tower, between the clamps and the insulator strings, and between the overhead ground wire clamps and the tower. Commonly used connecting gold has: ball head hanging ring, bowl head hanging board, U type hanging ring, right angle hanging board, etc., wedge type clamp,

(5) Continuing power fittings: for the connection of the wire and the connection of the overhead ground wire, the connection of the tension-resistant tower jumper, the shaped connection gold has: the crimping connection metal fitting, the hydraulic connecting fitting, the bolt connection fitting, the explosion pressure connection Gold fittings.