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Crossarm is an important part of telephone pole

Jun 30, 2020

Crossarm is an important part of telephone pole

Power fitting production

Crossbars can be divided into straight crossarms, corner crossarms, and tensile crossarms according to their uses. According to the material, it can be divided into iron cross arm, porcelain cross arm, and synthetic insulation cross arm. The crossarm is an angle iron fixed horizontally on the top of the pole. There is a porcelain bottle on it to support overhead wires. The role of the crossarm is an important part of the pole. Its role is to install insulators and fittings. Support conductors, lightning conductors, and maintain a certain safe distance according to regulations. Cable hoop: fixed on the cement rod; wire hoop: used on the cement rod without reserved holes for the steel stranded wire with the steel stranded plywood suspension cable; fork beam hoop: fastening the fork beam device; loading U Type hoop: Install the line on the cement pole without reserved holes; Type 1 distribution box hoop: Install various types of 10 to 30 pairs of outdoor circular distribution boxes on the cement poles and wooden poles without reserved holes Use; T-type distribution box hoop: install 10-20 pairs, 30-50 pairs of outdoor circular distribution boxes of various models on cement rods and wooden poles without reserved holes; distribution box hoop: in the absence 5-50 pairs of flat distribution boxes of various models are installed on the cement rods and wooden poles with reserved holes; upper rod hoop: line operator's upper and lower poles on the cement pole; foot support hoop: no reserved Used to install the foot on the hole cement pole; chuck hoop: In order to increase the anti-tilt ability of the cement pole in the soft soil, when installing the chuck on the ground, the chuck is fastened to the electric pole. The elastic effect of the clamp can be used It has a certain compensation effect for cooling or hose shortening due to hose aging. The elastic clamp is very suitable for the connection of automobile cooling, heating and ventilation system pipelines. Widely used in the automotive industry and engineering machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment processing industry, shipbuilding industry and refrigeration machinery and other occupations. The hose clamps are relatively small and have very little value, but the role of hose clamps is huge. American hose clamps, also known as clamps. American stainless steel hose clamps: divided into small American hose clamps and large American hose clamps, the bandwidth of the hose clamps is 12.7mm and 14.2mm, respectively.