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Do you know the reason why the electric appliances will be hot-dip galvanized for surface treatment?

Apr 28, 2019

With the rapid development of China's electric power industry, "electricity" has become an indispensable part of our life, the metal has played a very big role here. As the power industry's special hardware, for its particularity and importance we all know, do not know if you have noticed, we see most of the metal surface is generally processed, and will be hot galvanized. Then someone will ask: what is the reason that the electrical appliances will be hot-dip galvanized for surface treatment? Below and manufacturers to see together:

Actually this problem everybody is very easy to understand, after all galvanization can make a lot of metal surface have a kind of anticorrosive protection. Do you know why? Let's first look at what hot galvanizing is:

Hot galvanizing as a common way of metal corrosion, in the process is also called hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanized, is the use of zinc reduction is greater than the principle of iron, to protect the steel base, so as to extend the service life of steel. Hot galvanizing technology is around 500 ℃ after cleaning of steel in liquid zinc melting, the zinc layer adhered on the surface of the steel members, which have the purpose of corrosion protection.

The advantage of hot galvanizing is its strong anticorrosion ability, adhesion and hardness of galvanized layer is better. Hot galvanizing is often used in power line construction. Continuous hot dip galvanizing process: steel -- heating -- cooling to galvanizing temperature -- galvanizing -- cooling.

The friend that knows a few to galvanization can ask: contrast hot galvanization, electric galvanization can have the action of anticorrosive as before, why to use electricity galvanization will serve as the surface treatment of hardware?

Electrogalvanization also calls cold galvanization: contrast hot galvanization is chemical treatment, belong to electrochemical reaction; Cold galvanizing is a physical treatment, only in the surface brush a layer of zinc, so zinc layer easy to fall off; Cold galvanizing is to use the electrolytic equipment to remove the workpiece after oil, pickling into the composition of zinc salt solution, and connected to the negative electrode of the electrolytic equipment; A zinc plate is placed on the opposite side of the workpiece and connected to the positive pole of the electrolytic equipment. When the power is switched on, the directional movement of the current from the positive pole to the negative pole is used to deposit a layer of zinc on the workpiece. This kind of zinc layer is not strong, and it is easy to fall off. Therefore, cold galvanizing is not recommended for electric appliances, and it is more appropriate to use a stronger hot galvanizing.