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Does the insulator need to be cleaned?

May 06, 2019

Insulators play a very wide role in the construction of power network lines. In order to extend the working life of insulators and prevent some unexpected phenomena, there will be more dirt on their surfaces after a long period of use, and flashover discharge will occur when the dirt accumulates to a large extent. So insulators need to be cleaned. How to clean it? Specific cleaning methods are as follows:

One, power clean

Power failure cleaning needs to stop the power supply of the entire line to complete the cleaning of the insulator. The main use of cloth for effective cleaning, if the cloth can not be clean, it is necessary to use a wet cloth to continue to wipe, until all the dirt to wipe away.

Two, electric cleaning

Due to the charged conditions have a higher risk, therefore in the process of cleaning, need to use brush or cotton yarn use insulating rod to help complete cleaning of all process, in the process of cleaning, keep people and charged position of isolation, in order to achieve the goal of safe cleaning up, at the same time needs to have someone to care, to clean up the whole process of security.

Note: if conditions permit, the same water can be used to complete the cleaning of the room, but it must be a professional staff, but also in line with the professional cleaning norms to complete the whole cleaning process.

Summary: through the way of power failure cleaning, although the effect is very good, but it will affect many households or manufacturers of electricity, so most of the cleaning is in the live state, for the professional requirements of cleaning personnel is very high.