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High voltage insulator leakage current detection technology

Dec 12, 2018

A new economical and effective technology for collecting the leakage current of high-voltage insulators by using a computer sound card, and denoising the obtained signal by wavelet analysis technology. Compared with the traditional signal analysis method, the wavelet analysis technology can not only Accurately extracting the leakage current signal from the noise, and realizing the degradation characteristics in the leakage current signal, which is of great significance for the early fault diagnosis of the equipment, significantly improves the accuracy of the measurement, and enhances the fault diagnosis of the equipment. accuracy.

The pollution flashover of the insulator string of high-voltage transmission line is one of the important factors affecting the operation of the power grid. With the development of the power system and the intensification of various types of pollution, the pollution flashover accident is becoming more and more serious, which seriously hinders the safety and stability of the power system. Economic operation, closely related to the degree of contamination of the insulator is the size of the leakage current, so the detection of the leakage current of the high-voltage insulator has engineering significance.