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Sep 30, 2020


The glass insulator is made of tempered glass insulator. The surface is in a state of compression and prestress. If cracks and electrical breakdown occur, the glass insulator will break into small pieces by itself, usually called "self-explosion". This function eliminates the need for "zero value" detection of glass insulators during operation.

The main chain of silicone rubber is composed of siloxane (Si-O) chains. Since the electronegativity of Si and O is very different on this bond, the polarized structure formed has an ionic bond property. Therefore, the bond energy of Si-O is higher than that of CC bonds. In addition,

1. Due to the nature of the main chain ionic bond, the ionic performance of the side chain methyl CH is weakened, it is not easy to be attacked by other molecules, and its chemical stability is good;

2. Since Si does not form double bonds and triple bonds, it is difficult to form the starting point of the main chain decomposition (therefore, the Si-C bond is relatively stable), resulting in a more stable main chain of silicone rubber.

Established on the basis of the above model. CJCELE researchers also used KelV n transformation to establish a finite element model for the icicle insulator, and established an improved finite element model for the open field problem of the insulator. These models have certain guiding significance for solving the electric field problem of ice-coated insulators. However, these models not only need to be improved in modeling, for example, they do not consider the change of electric field distribution when arc occurs, the conductivity of water film and the influence of icing on electric field distribution of ceramic insulators. It is only a model of the rear insulator. When calculating the electric field along the surface of the ice-suspended insulator series composite insulators, the electric field calculation model of wide 3-1 ice-covered insulators cannot be simply used in summer.

Post insulators are mainly used for insulation and mechanical fixing of bus bars and electrical equipment in power plants and substations. In addition, post insulators are often used as part of electrical equipment, such as disconnect switches and circuit breakers. In the post insulators, it can be further divided into pin post insulators and rod post insulators. Needle-shaped column insulators are mainly used in low-voltage power distribution lines and communication lines, while rod-shaped column insulators are mainly used in high-voltage substations.

According to different installation methods, insulators can be divided into suspension insulators and post insulators. According to the different insulating materials used, they can be divided into porcelain insulators, glass insulators and composite insulators (also called composite insulators). According to different voltage levels, it can be divided. Low-voltage insulators and high-voltage insulators; according to different environmental conditions used, deduced pollution-resistant insulators used in contaminated areas. DC insulators are derived from the type of voltage used. There are various special insulators, such as insulating cross arms, semiconductor glaze insulators and tension insulators for power distribution, bobbin insulators and wiring insulators. In addition,

The use of glass insulators can eliminate periodic preventive tests during operation of the insulators. This is because any damage to the tempered glass will cause damage to the insulator, which is easy to find when the operator patrols. When the insulator is damaged, the glass fragments near the steel cover and iron feet will be stuck, and the mechanical strength of the rest of the insulator is sufficient to prevent the insulator string from breaking. The self-breaking rate of glass insulators is one of the important indicators to measure product quality, and it is also the quality basis for bid evaluation and bid evaluation of current transmission projects.