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Insulator industry adjustment to reduce energy consumption, smart equipment

Sep 30, 2020

Insulator industry adjustment to reduce energy consumption, smart equipment

With the acceleration of energy interconnection, UHV planning and construction are getting better and better. As an insulator that plays an important role in overhead transmission lines, its significance in the field of high-end power equipment manufacturing is self-evident. To this end, electrical manufacturing companies have promoted the development of the insulator industry from large-scale manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and promoted the structural adjustment of the insulator manufacturing industry, from high-energy, labor-intensive to low-energy smart devices.

Glass insulators become the main force of UHV lines

According to different production processes, the current insulator products used on the market include composite insulators, glass insulators, porcelain insulators, etc. The insulating member of the glass insulator is composed of a glass fiber resin core rod (or core tube), an organic material sheath and an umbrella skirt. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high tensile strength, excellent anti-pollution and arcing performance.

There are relatively more glass insulators used on DC and AC UHV lines in China. Domestic enterprises have achieved independent innovation through years of technical reserves and experience accumulation, and glass insulator products have obvious advantages. Firstly, the strength is higher, secondly, the anti-pollution ability is stronger, and secondly, the spontaneous explosion rate is lower. This function eliminates the need for "zero value" detection of glass insulators during operation, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the power grid.

In recent years, China's power industry has developed rapidly, and the installed capacity of generators has increased year by year. Insulators are an indispensable part of power transmission and transformation equipment and are inseparable from the development of the power industry.

Grasp new opportunities in the insulator market

According to statistics from relevant departments, since 2004, the main business income of major companies in the insulator industry in China has continued to grow rapidly. With the improvement of the technical level of China's insulation product manufacturing industry and the accelerated economic development of East Asia, South Asia and other countries, major domestic enterprises have seized the opportunity to actively explore the international market, and the export delivery value of this industry has continued to increase. Year by year.

The power industry is the most important application market for insulator surge arresters. At present, the start of many power projects in China not only provides a broad market space for the development of the insulator arrester industry, but also puts forward new requirements on the industrial product market, and promotes the adjustment of the insulator arrester product market structure. And the development of new technologies.

Insulators are mainly used in the field of power grids. The construction of [Smart Grid] will bring huge development opportunities to the insulator industry. Firstly, a large amount of investment will provide a broad market space for the insulator industry; secondly, the upgrade of power grid construction will help optimize and integrate the insulator industry. , To form a new competitive landscape, guide enterprises to use new technologies, new materials, new products to obtain greater market space, so that there are more resources to support technological innovation, and continue to promote industrial upgrading and progress. The investment in power grid construction provides a fundamental guarantee for the development of the insulator industry.

According to the development level and investment plan of the global power industry, experts predict that the overall demand of the global insulator industry will maintain steady growth. As the reliability and economic requirements for the insulation of substations and overhead transmission lines continue to increase, more and more insulator manufacturers will continue to invest in research and development based on customer needs and continue to promote the development of the industry.