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Polymer stretch and suspension insulators

Feb 01, 2021

Polymer stretch and suspension insulators

The silicone polymer tensile/suspension insulator is mainly composed of a core rod (ECR type or FRP type), a silicone rubber shell and a metal end joint. WINNING® is producing and exporting 10kV to 765kV tension and suspension insulators with different core rod sizes for use in power distribution and transmission systems. (We have successfully exported insulators up to 765kV through the test report).

Mandrel-made of high-quality pultruded epoxy glass fiber rod (FRP and ECR type).

End fittings-#45 forged steel or ductile iron, hot-dip galvanized, and then directly crimped to the mandrel through a circumferential crimping process to achieve better performance.

The chemical bond between the shell and the core, the interface strength between the shell and the core is higher than the tear strength of the shell itself.

Silicone rubber shell-HTV silicone rubber; made of high-quality raw materials.

Corona/grade ring-made of high-grade aluminum alloy, suitable for insulators above 110kV.

The joint between the sealing-end joint and the mandrel is completely embedded in HTV silicone rubber, eliminating the traditional and traditional sealing defects. (The other type is to use RTV silicone sealant to seal the joint between the end fitting and the mandrel.)