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Power transmission and transformation metal fittings

Apr 12, 2019

I. what is a metal fitting

Iron or aluminum metal accessories widely used for power lines are collectively referred to as metalwork. Hardware is a wide range of different purposes, such as: the installation of wires with various wire clip, composition of insulator string hanging ring, connecting wires of various pressure over, tube, completing the split conductor on the various types of interval rods, etc., and with the tower with all kinds of wire, as well as related to the size of the conductor is used as a protection, must cooperate with each other.

Line fittings: electrical fittings for overhead power lines.

Substation fittings: electrical fittings used in substations and power distribution units.

Busbar fittings: power fittings for busbars of substations and power distribution units in power plants.

Second, know all kinds of hardware

1. Suspension clamp: it is used to suspend or support the wire, mainly bearing the vertical load.

2. Tension clamp: it is used to fix the end of the wire and bear the tension of the wire.

Tension clamp (bolt type) : tension clamp for fixing wires with bolts.

Tension clamp (compression type) : tension clamp used to fix the wire by compression method.

Tension clamp (wedge type) : tension clamp for fixing wire with wedge.

Iii. Connecting hardware

(1) ring hanger: annular connectors at both ends.

(2) hanging plate: the two ends of the plate are bolt-assembled connector.

(3) ball head hanging ring: a connecting piece formed by a foot ball and a ring.

(4) ball head board: a connecting piece composed of a foot ball and a double or single board.

(5) bowl head hanging board: a connecting piece composed of cap socket and double or single hanging board.

(6) u-shaped hanging ring: a connecting piece formed by u-shaped ring and double-plate hanging plate.

(7) u-screw: a connecting piece consisting of a u-ring and a threaded rod.

(8) adjustment plate: plate shaped connector which can adjust the connection length.

Four, the connection fittings

(1) connecting pipe: it is a metal pipe fitting used for connecting wires and meeting the requirements of mechanical and electrical performance.

(2) union pipe (oval) : union pipe with elliptic cross section.

(3) connection pipe (round) : the connection pipe whose cross section is round.

Contact hardware

(1) equipment wire clip: hardware used for connecting wires and outgoing terminals of electrical equipment.

(2) t-wire clip: t-shaped metal tool with wires and branch wires connected.

(3) copper-aluminum transition plate: connect aluminum terminal and copper terminal to prevent electrochemical corrosion of the transition contact plate.

Vi. Bus hardware

(1) hard bus fixing fixture: general term for fixing and hanging hard bus accessories.

(2) bus expansion joint: it is an elastic element used to compensate bus deformation due to heat and vibration.

(3) end ball of tube busbar: ball element used to prevent corona generated at the end of tube busbar

(4) tube busbar sealing end

(5) pipe bus expansion device wire clip

Cable fittings

(1) lower clamp

(2) OPGW ground wire

(3) cable connector box (cap)

(4) remaining chock (for Angle tower)

(5) remaining bollards (for steel pipe tower)

(6) tension-resistant pre-twisted wire

(7) shockproof whip (screw shock absorber)