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Problems Solved by Disc Suspension Composite Insulators

Mar 12, 2021

Porcelain composite insulators have good anti-fouling ability and can reduce the number of pieces used to reduce the string length, which can reduce the height of the tower, light weight, can improve the ability of the tower and the line to withstand icing, and save a lot of steel and floor space. If developed The use of large-tonnage porcelain (glass) composite insulators is of greater significance in the construction of UHV projects. Problems solved by high-strength porcelain core composite umbrella skirt pollution-resistant disc-shaped suspension composite insulators

1. Solved the pollution flashover problem of porcelain and glass insulators

With the rapid development of economic construction, the pollution of the atmosphere and industrial environment is also increasing. Under natural rain, fog, frost, dew and other humid weather conditions, the soluble substances in the dirt on the surface of porcelain and glass insulators will gradually dissolve in water, and a water film with certain conductivity will be formed on the surface of the insulators. . If the insulator is dirty and the surface of the insulator is sufficiently damp, there will be a strong partial discharge phenomenon, which may easily lead to a pollution flashover accident in the equipment.

Porcelain composite insulators are processed by a special process on the surface of the porcelain plate and related interfaces, and the silicone rubber composite jacket is a one-time molding process of rigorously wrapped and thermally vulcanized to ensure product quality. As the silicone rubber composite jacket has good hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity migration, it has strong anti-pollution flashover ability.

2. Solved the "brittle fracture" problem of ordinary rod-shaped suspension composite insulators

According to relevant information: Among the mechanical damage of organic composite insulators, the "brittle fracture" of the core rod accounts for 60% of the core rod fracture accidents that have occurred, and 35% of all mechanical accidents. The "brittle fracture" of the core rod has become the most serious accident of current organic composite insulators. The 500KV line is the most prominent. In less than three years, it has occurred in East China, Central China, and Guangdong. "Fragile break" products are both imported and domestic.

The core rod of the porcelain composite insulator adopts high-strength porcelain, which solves the problem of "brittle fracture" of the core rod of the ordinary rod-shaped suspension composite insulator.

3. Solved the problem that composite insulators could not be used for tensile string

At present, my country's composite insulators are not used much on tensile strings, mainly because of concerns about the mechanical strength of composite insulators. After all, my country's synthetic insulators have less operating experience than foreign countries. Especially after a fracture accident of organic composite insulators occurred on high-voltage lines, some composite insulators used on tensile insulator strings were replaced with porcelain or glass insulators to ensure stable and reliable mechanical strength.

The high-strength porcelain plate used for the porcelain composite insulator is made and provided by the famous disc-shaped suspension porcelain insulator manufacturer in the country. It adopts the mature casting process of the porcelain insulator and uses steel feet and iron caps to connect. The connection method is the same as that of the porcelain insulator. It can be used on tensile strings like ordinary porcelain insulators.