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Test the performance of composite insulator

Jun 24, 2019

The test of composite insulator performance is mainly in two aspects: mechanical performance and deterioration performance. Below small make up to give you a detailed introduction.

1. Mechanical performance: in the mechanical performance sampling test of composite insulators with different years of operation, the mechanical failure load value of 10 samples was lower than the rating value, accounting for about 16.7% of the total number of samples. In addition to one case of cap fracture, the other cases are cap and foot core pulling, which indicates that there are some problems in the long-term mechanical properties of internal wedge type, external wedge type, internal and external wedge type and adhesive end connection technology.

2. Deterioration performance: in order to study deterioration performance, in addition to appearance inspection, drop test, hydrophobic test, low-temperature simulation test, boiling test and stress corrosion resistance test, umbrella lining mark and corrosion loss test, sudden unloading test and thermal engine test were also carried out. After three drop tests, the umbrella skirt and sheath of the test products did not break. No abnormal cracks were found in the dye penetration test, indicating good sealing performance.

The hydrophobicity at low temperature decreases to a large extent, and different enterprises have different degrees of hydrophobicity decline. The low-temperature simulation test method is to put composite insulators into the set low-temperature condition for 2 ~ 8h, and take them out to check hydrophobicity after the temperature reaches a full balance. The low temperature critical point of insulators of different formulations is different, and the running time also affects the low temperature critical point