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What are the functions of composite suspension insulators

Nov 30, 2020

What are the functions of composite suspension insulators

  What are the functions of composite suspension insulators? What is the main structure of this product? Start today's explanation with these questions. The specifications and models of insulators can be said to be tens of thousands. The appearance looks little different, but the function is different. Hope our explanation can bring you some help.

 The common insulator porcelain bottle structure is composed of a porcelain part and a hardware part, with cement adhesive in the middle. The porcelain part is to ensure that the insulator has good electrical insulation strength, and the fittings are used to fix the insulator. According to different types of applied voltages, such as insulating crossarms, in addition, according to the different breakdown possibilities of insulating parts, they can be divided into two types: non-breakable insulators and instant-breakable insulators. There are a lot of industrial pollution particles on the surface of the porcelain insulators in dirty areas. These dirty particles will form a conductive liquid film on the surface of the porcelain when wet, so that the withstand voltage of the porcelain insulation will be significantly reduced, and the flashover voltage will become very low. The reason why porcelain insulation is prone to flashover under dirty and wet conditions.

 The above is what we explained to you today. The appearance of composite suspension insulators is actually very recognizable, and the product quality is guaranteed. If you have any needs in this regard, you can come to our factory to buy at any time. Our products are not You will be disappointed.