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China Completed The Replacement Of UHV Line Insulators With Electricity For The First Time

Jul 06, 2019

At 9:15 on May 29, 2014,on the tower of No. 2125 of ±800 kV UHV Fufeng Line, the staff of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company wore live working clothes and smoothly entered the line equipotential strong electric field. After 2 hours Working calmly and successfully replacing a string of damaged insulators, eliminating the defects of the line equipment. This is the first large-scale live operation carried out on the UHV DC transmission line in China, which fills a gap in the domestic technical field. Shuai Junqing, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, issued an indication: fully affirmed, promoted, and constantly innovated to ensure safety.


        Previously, in the investigation of the hidden dangers of the UHV Fufeng line in the peak summer, the State Grid Hubei Power discovered that the 2125 tower pole composite insulator equalizing ring was skewed and the bolts fell off, and the equalizing ring fell on the composite insulator sheath. In the subsequent elimination of live working, the company found that the edge of the pressure-proof ring bird guard had cut the insulator sheath to a depth of 3.6 mm. The synthetic insulator sheath scratch is a serious defect, which will cause the mechanical strength of the composite insulator core rod to be reduced under the action of electrical corrosion and chemical corrosion, and even cause the brittle fracture to cause a string event, which is unimaginable if not treated in time.
       On the same day, the State Grid Hubei Power used the hanging basket method to send the equipotential operators Zhou Cheng and Li Wenliang into the strong electric field. The two used the newly developed light special tools to transfer the tension of the insulator and successfully complete the equipotential replacement of the V string composite insulator. The loss of 6.4 million kWh of delivered electricity was avoided. The live working teams of these two operators have accumulated more than 1,000 live working operations, and the equipotential working time lasted for more than 100 hours, which laid the foundation for the successful completion of the live working.
        For a long time, State Grid Hubei Electric Power has continuously developed the front-end technology of live working according to the requirements of the company. It has taken the lead in carrying out research on the practical technology of UHV AC-DC live working in the country, and completed the helicopter live working of EHV transmission line for the first time; actively researching the new process of live working, The new method and new technology have developed a number of special high-pressure special tools such as six-split, eight-split wire lifter, hydraulic lifter, insulated tie rod and flexible live working; and built a high-level electrified work team to keep live working. International leading level.