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Flange Metal Fittings Bending Destructive And Tensile Failure Load Process Strengthening!

Apr 10, 2019

Current market on the application of insulator mandrel docking with the flange exists many problems, such as the strength of the flange, the stability of the fixed after problems, as well as the strength of the insulator mandrel and flange sealing, especially in the condition of the environment is bad, often on rainy days due to the unreasonable design of the result in serious accidents, often be breakdown, maintenance difficulties, the fracture strength design is not rational, in urgent need of a reinforced with the flange, to solve the equipment under the bad environment will be breakdown, maintenance difficulties, such technical problems as insufficient strength.

1, with the new enhanced flange including flange, flange on the ceiling with a integrated coaxial center sleeve, characteristic lies in the flange for step, namely the flange surface with flange and flange of the coaxial stepwise circular steps, the steps for a layer or multilayer, steps and the next layer of flange surface or intersect with circular smooth transition between steps.

2. An annular sealing groove is set on the outer circumference of the top of the central sleeve. The insulator mandle-end is inserted into the central sleeve.

3, flange bolt hole are set with sink hole.

4. The sinkhole is u-shaped, and the opening of u-shaped sinkhole extends to the side wall of the flange.

Enhanced with the flange increased the thickness of the flange connection, the flange under stress, increasing the flange bending load intensity and tensile failure load intensity, but also make the torsional failure load of hardware increases greatly, improves the end sealing of insulator, solved the strength is not enough, in harsh environments breakdown of equipment will be technical issues. The new flange fixture solves the problem of end seal of insulator, enhances the mechanical properties of flange fixture and ensures the stability of mounting bolts. At the same time flange fittings design more reasonable and beautiful, more convenient installation and use.