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Installation Steps For 10KV Lightning Protection Post Insulators

Dec 12, 2018

1. Select the appropriate type of lightning protection insulator according to actual needs and installation methods.

2. Install the lightning protection insulator on the pole tower or its cross arm. The installation method is the same as the ordinary insulator. The grounding electrode is installed between the steel foot and the cross arm. The grounding electrode should face the load side of the wire, that is, the power supply side.

3. Loosen the crimping cover, adjust the tightness on both sides of the wire so that the sides are evenly stressed, then put the wire into the slot with the piercing teeth. (Note: The insulating silicone grease on the piercing teeth is used to strengthen Waterproof performance, do not wipe off during installation), cover the crimping cover, pass the bolt through the through hole of the crimping cover and the aluminum cap of the insulator, screw into the two unscrewed holes on the arcing fork, please pay attention to the arc starting The direction of the fork corresponds to the ground electrode in the same vertical plane, and the closest discharge distance L should be between 100 and 120 mm.

4. Adjust the torque of the wrench before installation according to the following table. Tighten the bolt evenly with a torque wrench until the torque wrench slips. At this point, the puncture teeth should be deep into the insulation layer, and the outer layer of the wire should be close to the wire groove.