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State Grid Hubei Maintenance Company Completes Replacement Of UHV Tension String Insulators

Jul 08, 2019


On October 24, 2014, the Hubei Branch of the State Grid Hubei Maintenance Company completed the routine maintenance of the 1000 kV Nanjing First Line UHV line. In this maintenance task, the Northwest Division of Hubei successfully completed the replacement of the last insulator of the 1000 kV 254 tensile tower horizontal string. This replacement technology is the first in the field of UHV maintenance.
        The horizontal side wire side structure of the 1000 kV UHV line is completely different from the 500 kV ultra high voltage line, and its structure is more complicated and the tonnage of the metal is larger. The replacement of self-explosive insulators has always been a problem for UHV overhaul, and the replacement of the last insulator of the horizontal string of tension towers has no precedent in China. In order to ensure the safe operation of the 1000 kV UHV line during the peak winter, after receiving the defect report, the division technical department will integrate the existing maintenance tools, and convene technical experts to discuss the replacement plan. Finally, the division chief engineer The best replacement solution and two sets of alternative solutions. On the 24th, after more than three hours of intense and orderly operation by the divisional technical experts, we overcame the problems of large tonnage of maintenance tools and excessive physical exertion. The last insulator of the No. 254 tower-resistant small horizontal string was successfully replaced. The successful application of this replacement technology will provide valuable practical experience for the research and development of the next special replacement tool of the division.
        It is reported that the 1000KV Nanjing First Line is the world's highest AC power transmission and transformation project with the highest operating voltage, the strongest transmission capacity and the most advanced technology. It is also an important energy channel for China's north and south hydropower.