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The Necessity Of Insulator Innovation

Dec 12, 2018

Insulators are indispensable products in the power industry. Insulation is the intermediary to prevent high-voltage current reflow, so insulation is the first. With the improvement of China's environment and beautification, our insulator industry must make breakthroughs on the basis of insulation, such as aesthetics. In terms of this, it must be improved. It can not be used for insulation and insulation. To achieve both insulation and aesthetic effects, Hejian City Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has organized a special team to conduct research and development, experiment and strive for new Breakthrough, to be the first force for the beauty of the power industry, to make a good shot, let the power industry become a vivid embellishment of the beautiful environment of the city and the wild, let the power industry not only transmit electricity to the people, but also the environment.