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Why Are There Difficulties In The Production Of Products In The Electrical Hardware Industry?

Apr 28, 2019

The electric power fittings belongs to the multi-variety industry, the product variety is many, moreover a kind also can have many kinds of small classes, quite miscellaneous, is generally the small batch production, compared with the mass production has more information, the processing information request is also higher, this is the main production difficulty.

Control and guarantee its quality is bad, in order to improve economic efficiency, enhance competitiveness, combining with the characteristics of the industry product research and analysis how to apply the existing total quality management theory and methods, improve the quality of management, its main should take prevention as the main principle, based on principles of people management, pay attention to and correctly treat production technology preparation, control deviation, improve the quality of many varieties. In fact, this kind of multi-variety and small-batch production method has a lot of difficulties in the actual quality management work, which needs to be further summarized and discussed in the daily work process.

In order to meet the requirements of quality and speed, we will establish a fast transmission speed, correct and decisive processing, feedback of the real information network. The content of information should be extensive, including management information, quality information, production schedule information, three aspects of information interrelated, interpenetrating each other. The midpoint of the information network shifts as the production process progresses. Management department, production management department and quality management department should exchange information in a timely manner to ensure the smooth flow of information.

In fact, there are many difficulties in the actual quality management of this kind of multi-type and small-batch production mode, which needs to be further summarized and discussed in the daily work process. But no matter how difficult, renqiu hengxiang jinju manufacturers all products are not unqualified products. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life need to factory survey cooperation!