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120kn Socket and Ball Type Fitting for Polymer Insulator

120kn Socket and Ball Type Fitting for Polymer Insulator
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Product Details

Our Transmission Line Hardware, Composite Cross Arm Insulator Fittings, Y Type Fittings For Polymer Insulators has a steady demand in the market and the quality is absolutely superior, and the price of it is very reasonable. It is our great pleasure to service you if you need a trusted supplier and value information. Our products have high starting point, high requirements and high standards. We don't have gorgeous language, but we have excellent quality. Our company pursues excellence, continuously wins in the market competition, surpasses self in the introspection and surmounts mediocrity in the study.

Product Description

Polymer insulator is an insulator consisting of an insulating rod, a silicone rubber umbrella cover and two metal fittings. It is widely used in high voltage transmission lines. Compared to traditional ceramic and glass insulators, polymer insulators have many advantages: small size, easy to maintain; light weight, easy to install; high mechanical strength, not easy to break; excellent seismic performance, good stain resistance; fast production cycle and high quality stability.



● Precision CNC machining, micron tolerance

● Hot galvanizing, average zinc thickness greater than 86μm

● Competitive price


● Quick response

1. Fast communication response, 24 hour quotation

● Strict quality control

1. Sampling inspection on all external processing links

2. Special measuring tool, full inspection and storage

● Capacity assurance

1. Complete production and testing equipment, 45 precision CNC lathes, high precision coating thickness gauge, etc

2. Whole category coverage, accept customization





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Dylan Chen/Sales Manager

Mob: +86 178 1633 7688

Email: dylanchen1986@aliyun.com



We believe that the success of 120kn Socket and Ball Type Fitting for Polymer Insulator has laid the foundation for our company's development and also opened up future-oriented development. And we will create a bright future. We appreciate your enquiry and it's our honor to work with every friend worldwide.


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