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Composite Tension Insulator/Composite Suspension Insulator 35kv 70kn (FXBW)

Composite Tension Insulator/Composite Suspension Insulator 35kv 70kn (FXBW)
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Increasing productivity while decreasing the production costs is the key to enhance the superiority in competition of 35 KV Polymer Pin Insulator Fittings, 66 KV Polymer Post Insulator Fittings, 66 KV Composite Post Insulator Fittings's price. As always, we are at the forefront of the industry, serving every customer and conquering customers with impeccable products. We will be your trusted partner forever. Our company continues to absorb advanced mature technology and develop new products according to market demand. We strictly abide by corporate ethics, contract and keep promises.

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● Quick and accurate quotation

● Strictly guarantee the delivery date

● 1 year warranty


● Strict quality control

1. Full inspection of product appearance and key dimensions

● Individual customization

1. We make all kinds of fittings for composite insulator, including ball and socket, tongue and clevis, flange, and others

2. We also make fittings according to your specification

● Professional team

1. Fully staffed management and technical team since 2002

2. Export to Asia, Europe and Africa directly and indirectly





For more details, please contact us.

Dylan Chen/Sales Manager

Mob: +86 178 1633 7688

Email: dylanchen1986@aliyun.com



In line with the concept of excellence and excellence, each of our Composite Tension Insulator/Composite Suspension Insulator 35kv 70kn (FXBW) is the dedication of our employees sincerely and love, and at the same time, we are infused with perfect service. We embody the corporate image of taking science and technology as the first place everywhere, and meet our customers' requirements with integrity, gratitude, more perfect technology and better service. Customers are the source of our innovation, and every individual demand constantly inspires our design inspiration.


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