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HDG Tranformer Pole Mounting Bracket Pole Line Hardware

HDG Tranformer Pole Mounting Bracket Pole Line Hardware
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To broaden the future, 66 KV Composite Post Insulator Fittings, 66 KV Polymer Post Insulator Fittings, 15 KV Drop Out Fuse Fittings will never forget our original aspiration, and we will strive unremittingly, and move towards new stage! Our development is driven by the core values of "seeking truth, innovation, execution, and trustworthiness". In accordance with the requirements of internationalization and modernization, our company has initially established an operational mechanism of self-development, self-restraint, self motivation and self-improvement which is compatible with the modern enterprise system.

Product Description




● pole line hardware for insulators

● Hot galvanizing, average zinc thickness greater than 86μm

● accept customization


● Quick response

1. Fast communication response, 24 hour quotation

● Strict quality control

1. Sampling inspection on all external processing links

2. Special measuring tool, full inspection and storage

● Capacity assurance

1. Complete production and testing equipment, 45 precision CNC lathes, etc

2. Monthly production capacity over 100 tons

● Professional team

1. Fullly staffed management and technical team since 2002




For more details, please contact us.

Dylan Chen/Sales Manager

Mob: +86 178 1633 7688

Email: dylanchen1986@aliyun.com



We are in a leading position in the industry of HDG Tranformer Pole Mounting Bracket Pole Line Hardware with advanced technological processes, high-quality product and preferential prices. Brands can make consumers have a sense of trust in products while corporate culture can help enhance the consumers' sense of individuality. We establish long-term supporting relationships with preferential prices and excellent after-sales service.


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